National Museum of Korean Contemporary History

Gwanghwamun & Jongno-gu

The last century has been a tumultuous time for Korea, the key moments of which are memorialised and celebrated in this museum charting the highs and lows of that journey. The displays are modern, multilingual and engaging, as well as proof of how far the country has come in the decades since its almost total destruction during the Korean War. Bring ID if you'd like to use a free audio-tour guide in English.

Head to the roof garden for a great view of Gyeongbokgung and Gwanghwamun Sq.

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2. King Sejong Statue

0.09 MILES

A statue of the revered scholar king (1397–1450) sits regally on a throne in the middle of Gwanghwamun. An entrance at the statue's base leads down to an…

3. Gwanghwamun Square

0.12 MILES

This broad, elongated square provides a grand approach to Gyeongbokgung and is used for various events (as well as protests). Giant statues celebrate two…

4. Gwanghwamun

0.14 MILES

The impressive main gate to Seoul's premier palace is flanked by stone carvings of haechi, mythical lion-like creatures traditionally set to protect the…

5. Sejong Gallery

0.16 MILES

The regularly changing exhibitions at the gallery in the Sejong Center, the largest cultural complex in Seoul, are generally worth a look for an insight…

6. Gallery Hyundai

0.21 MILES

The trailblazer for Korea's contemporary commercial-gallery scene, Hyundai has been going strong since 1970 and represents some of the giants of the scene…

7. National Palace Museum of Korea

0.23 MILES

In a modern building in the southwest corner of Gyeongbokgung's compound, this museum displays royal artefacts that highlight the wonderful artistic…

8. Admiral Yi Sun-Sin Statue

0.23 MILES

This statue is a downtown landmark. Seoul-born Yi Sun-sin (1545–98) designed new types of metal-clad warships called geobukseon (turtle boats), and used…