Gangnam Style 'Horse Dance' Stage

Gangnam & Southern Seoul

Outside Gangnam subway is the multimedia Gangnam Style stage, a shrine to Psy – somewhat ironic given the song was a parody of the neighbourhood. While you're here head down Gangnam-daero (redubbed U-Street) to see 12m-high, 1.4m-wide media poles displaying video art. Visit early evening to soak up the electric atmosphere.

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Nearby Gangnam & Southern Seoul attractions

1. GT Tower East

0.07 MILES

The curvaceous stylings of the slinky GT Tower sit beside the major crossing of Teheran-no and Gangnam-daero.

2. Samsung D’Light

0.11 MILES

Spread over three floors, one of which is devoted to selling the latest lines of gadgets, this showroom showcases the technology of the Korean electronics…

3. Sool Gallery


This small exhibition with some English explanations will clue you into the various types of Korean alcohol, such as makgeolli, soju and yakju. If you…

4. Kyobo Tower

0.33 MILES

The hulking 26-level brick edifice of Kyobo Tower (2003), designed by Mario Botta, is meant to be reminiscent of the bulkiness of Egypt's Sphynx.

5. Urban Hive

0.47 MILES

Above Sinnonhyeon Station is this building, which looks like an enormous concrete beehive, giving it unique structural support, and is lit from within at…

6. Seonjeongneung

1.23 MILES

Seonjeongneung Park contains two main burial areas for kings and queens from the Joseon dynasty. The first tomb is for King Seongjong (r 1469–94), who was…

7. King Seongjong's Tomb

1.31 MILES

The most notable of the three royal tombs at Seonjeongneung park is that of King Seongjong (r 1469–94), who was a prolific author and father – he had 28…