Sejong Lake Park


This enormous park with a human-made lake was built as a family destination. It's not far from a complex of government buildings.

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Nearby Chungcheongnam-do attractions

1. Gongsan-seong

8.53 MILES

This stunning hilltop fortress is a reminder of a time when Gongju (then called Ungjin) was Baekje’s capital. After entering through the grand stone…

2. Tomb of King Muryeong

9.21 MILES

The tomb of King Muryeong, the 25th Baekje king, was discovered – miraculously intact and completely by accident – in 1971. The tomb and the six others in…

3. Gongju National Museum

9.25 MILES

This excellent museum exhibits treasures discovered in the tomb of King Muryeong, including the distinctive gold diadem ornaments that you’ll see images…

4. Ungjin Baekje Historical Museum

9.25 MILES

At the entrance to the Tomb of King Muryeong, the Ungjin Baekje Historical Museum has historical info and a tourist information centre.

5. Brother & Sister Pagodas

9.93 MILES

These twin Silla-era pagodas are said to represent the brother and sister who founded the original hermitage at Donghak-sa.

6. Gap-sa

10.33 MILES

Gap-sa's main hall contains three gleaming Buddha statues, while a smaller shrine houses three shamanist deities – Chilseong, Sansin and Dokseong.

7. Donghak-sa

10.33 MILES

Donghak-sa is noteworthy for being one of Korea's few nunneries. Just before the temple, look for the trail that leads you on an easy one-hour trek up to…

8. Gyeryongsan National Park

10.94 MILES

One of Korea's smallest parks, Gyeryongsan means ‘Rooster Dragon Mountain’ because locals thought the mountain resembled a dragon with a rooster’s head…