Nagyeong Pokpo


A small waterfall in Odaesan National Park.

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Nearby Gangwon-do attractions

1. Guryong Pokpo

1.71 MILES

A group of nine waterfalls, each representing a dragon that occupied it, according to one of the legends that swirls about.

2. Geumgang-sa

2.39 MILES

A Buddhist temple within Odaesan National Park.

3. Gwaneum-am

4.19 MILES

This temple is named after and dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy (Gwaneum), worshipped by those seeking consolation or by women wanting children.

4. Sangwon-sa

5.01 MILES

Sangwon-sa's intricately decorated bronze bell was cast in AD 725 and is the oldest bell in Korea (and one of the largest as well). Another prized object…

5. Woljeong-sa

5.07 MILES

This Silla-era temple was founded in AD 645 by the Zen Master Jajang to enshrine relics of the historical Buddha. Although it fell victim to fires and was…

6. Sujong-am

5.47 MILES

A Buddhist temple within Odaesan National Park.

7. Ojukheon

12.15 MILES

Revered as the birthplace of the paragon of Korean womanhood, Sin Saimdang (1504–51), and her son, the philosopher and government official Yi Yulgok (1536…

8. Gangneung Seongyojang

12.56 MILES

Dating to the late Joseon dynasty, this national cultural property was for 300 years the home of a yangban (aristocratic) family. It was built for a…