St George’s Cathedral

Cape Town

Known as the People’s Cathedral, this was one of the few places of worship that was open to people of all races during apartheid. Classical concerts are sometimes held here; see the website for details as well as times of daily services. The interior is a cool retreat, but also search out the Siyahamba Labyrinth in the cloisters, a paved circular walking path to aid mediation and spiritual relief.

Designed by Sir Herbert Baker at the turn of the 19th century, the church's official name is the Cathedral Church of St George the Martyr in Cape Town. Archbishop Desmond Tutu presided here and made the cathedral a focus of opposition to the Afrikaner regime.

Look around the exhibition in the Memory & Witness Centre in the crypt, where you’ll also find the Crypt Jazz Restaurant. The cathedral remains a beacon of hope through its HIV/AIDS outreach programme – note the Cape Town AIDS quilt hanging above the north door.

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