Most na Soči

Soča Valley

The name of this settlement 5km south of Tolmin literally means ‘Bridge on the Soča River’. The village (population 430) sits, in fact, on a beautiful aquamarine lake – surprisingly, it’s an artificial lake at the confluence of the Soča and Idrijca Rivers, created by a nearby hydroplant. It’s a super-scenic place to pause for a lakeside walk or for some boating; rowboats and kayaks can be hired.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Soča Valley attractions

1. Tolmin Gorges

3.14 MILES

A scenic river confluence is found here, at the southernmost entry point of Triglav National Park. The ticket kiosk is a 2km walk northeast of Tolmin town…

2. Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit

5.75 MILES

This fascinating stone-and-wood church, north of Tolmin, has a wonderful location that commands sweeping views down an Alpine valley. Decorated by…

3. Vogel


The glorious setting and spectacular panoramas make it worth a trip up Vogel – during winter, when it's a popular ski resort, but also in its 'green…

4. Church of St Anthony

9.97 MILES

Crowning the hill dedicated to the memory of Italy's fallen soldiers high above Kobarid, this small parish church was built in 1696 and offers superlative…

5. Italian Charnel House

9.97 MILES

Take the winding road up the hill and lined with the Stations of the Cross to the Italian Charnel House, which contains the bones of more than 7000…

6. Savica Waterfall

10.02 MILES

The magnificent Savica Waterfall, which cuts deep into a gorge 78m below, is 4km from Ukanc and can be reached by a walking path from there in 1½ hours…

7. Kobarid Museum

10.06 MILES

This museum is devoted almost entirely to the Soča Front and the ‘war to end all wars’. Themed rooms describe powerfully the 29 months of fighting, and…

8. Church of the Assumption

10.16 MILES

The Church of the Assumption in the centre of town still sports the bell tower that is mentioned in Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms (1929).