Tartinijev Trg

Top choice in Piran

The pastel-toned Tartinijev trg is a marble-paved square (oval, really) that was the inner harbour until it was filled in 1894. The statue of a nattily dressed gentleman in the centre is of native son, composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini (1692–1770). East is the 1818 Church of St Peter. Across from the church is Tartini House, the composer’s birthplace. The Court House and the porticoed 19th-century Municipal Hall, home to the tourist information centre, dominate the western edge of the square.

The 15th-century stone pillars of the two flagpoles at the entrance to the square bear Latin inscriptions praising Piran, the town’s coat of arms, a relief of St George (the patron) to the left and one of St Mark with the lion symbol on the right.

For superb aerial views of the square, climb to the Bell Tower of the Cathedral of St George.