Singing Fountain


This water feature, framed by flowerbeds, dances to the merry tune of a nearby 22-bell sculpture every hour. In summer, come after sundown when multicoloured lights set the jets of water glowing.

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Nearby Košice attractions

1. Hlavné Nám

0.04 MILES

Much of Košice's finery is assembled along Hlavné nám, a long plaza with flower gardens, fountains and cafes on either side. Stroll past the central…

2. Cathedral of St Elizabeth

0.06 MILES

This 14th-century cathedral dominates Košice's main square, its gables bristling above tall, stained-glass windows while colourful roof tiles evoke a…

3. St Michael's Chapel

0.09 MILES

To the south of the Cathedral of St Elizabeth you can admire the outside of 14th-century St Michael's, a Gothic chapel dedicated to the patron saint of…

4. East Slovak Gallery


A thoughtfully curated gallery space with rotating exhibitions of contemporary art, the East Slovak Gallery also has a permanent collection of 19th- and…

5. Shire Hall


One of the main square's grandest buildings is this 1779 hall crowned with a coat of arms; today it's home to the East Slovak Gallery.

6. Plague Column

0.13 MILES

A statue of the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary crowns Košice's 14m-high 'plague column'. Raised in 1723, this masterful baroque sculpture is a…

7. Lower Gate Underground Museum

0.13 MILES

The underground remains of medieval Košice – lower gate, defence chambers, fortifications and waterways dating from the 13th to 15th centuries – were only…

8. Rodošto & Mikluš Prison

0.16 MILES

This complex's motley attractions form a whirlwind tour of Košice's history. In the bastion, whose walls date to the 15th century, Košice is revealed as a…