Hlavné Nám


Much of Košice's finery is assembled along Hlavné nám, a long plaza with flower gardens, fountains and cafes on either side. Stroll past the central musical fountain to experience its hourly chimes (and, at night, the multicoloured light show). Across from the fountain is the State Theatre, a baroque beauty from 1899. Walking south you'll see the Shire Hall (1779), crowned with a coat of arms and home to the East Slovak Gallery.

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Nearby Košice attractions

1. Singing Fountain

0.04 MILES

This water feature, framed by flowerbeds, dances to the merry tune of a nearby 22-bell sculpture every hour. In summer, come after sundown when…

2. Plague Column

0.09 MILES

A statue of the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary crowns Košice's 14m-high 'plague column'. Raised in 1723, this masterful baroque sculpture is a…

3. Cathedral of St Elizabeth


This 14th-century cathedral dominates Košice's main square, its gables bristling above tall, stained-glass windows while colourful roof tiles evoke a…

4. St Michael's Chapel

0.13 MILES

To the south of the Cathedral of St Elizabeth you can admire the outside of 14th-century St Michael's, a Gothic chapel dedicated to the patron saint of…

5. East Slovak Gallery

0.14 MILES

A thoughtfully curated gallery space with rotating exhibitions of contemporary art, the East Slovak Gallery also has a permanent collection of 19th- and…

6. Shire Hall

0.14 MILES

One of the main square's grandest buildings is this 1779 hall crowned with a coat of arms; today it's home to the East Slovak Gallery.

7. Rodošto & Mikluš Prison

0.14 MILES

This complex's motley attractions form a whirlwind tour of Košice's history. In the bastion, whose walls date to the 15th century, Košice is revealed as a…

8. Sándor Márai Memorial Room

0.16 MILES

The city's greatest literary giant is Sándor Márai, who was born in Košice (then Kassa, part of the Kingdom of Hungary). Peep at the ornate balcony of the…