Historical Museum of Serbia


Hosts temporary well-done exhibitions on Serbian history, usually surrounding events and/or personalities, over three gallery spaces.

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1. Museum of Illusions

0.13 MILES

This 2018 newcomer is a delight for the kiddos. Spread over two floors of hands-on, interactive illusions – explained in English, German and Spanish in…

2. Museum of Automobiles

0.15 MILES

This compelling collection of cars and motorcycles is located in Belgrade's first public garage, though it was opting for new digs near Staro Sajmište at…

3. Museum of Ivo Andrić

0.19 MILES

Established four decades ago, this sparse memorial museum is housed in the apartment where Ivo Andrić lived from 1958 until his death. The author of The…

4. Sveti Marko Church


This huge five-domed church, based on the design of Kosovo's Gračanica Monastery, houses priceless Serbian icons and the tomb of Emperor Dušan 'The Mighty…

5. Russian Church

0.31 MILES

This tiny church was erected by refugees who fled the October Revolution. It's the only Russian church in Belgrade, and houses a priceless collection of…

6. National Museum

0.35 MILES

Lack of funding for renovations kept Serbia's National Museum mostly shuttered for 15 years, but its much ballyhooed 2018 reopening has been a great…

7. Yugoslavian Ministry of Defence

0.45 MILES

The most dramatic ruin from NATO's 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia is this masterpiece of postwar architecture that once held the Ministry of Defence of…

8. Jevremovac Botanical Gardens

0.48 MILES

Belgrade's beautiful botanic gardens are a peaceful oasis in the hectic city; it's an exceedingly pleasant place to picnic, stroll or just loiter under…