Jardim Botânico

São Tomé

This botanical garden has scores of different species, many with medicinal uses. The personal tours here are excellent, with much local lore and history emerging along the way, but English is limited.

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2. Roça Monte Café

2.04 MILES

Monte Café is the most pleasant roça to visit. A hillside village of plantation houses, it offers a small museum and formal tour of the coffee production…

3. Pico de São Tomé

5.31 MILES

This impressive peak soars 2024m above the sea like a great green tooth bleeding mist. You can see it best from the EN-1 as you drive from Neves to Santa…

4. Roça Agostinho Neto


Once the grandest plantation in STP, Agostinho Neto is now the grandest symbol of its decline. The impressive entrance, a wide boulevard leading to the…

5. Roça Bela Vista

7.22 MILES

While this roça (plantation) is modest in size, its buildings are in very good condition relative to those found elsewhere, and include the large manager…

6. Lagoa Azul

8.07 MILES

This attractive small cove with aquamarine water is perhaps too well known, as it is developing a trash problem. Walk up to the lighthouse for beautiful…

7. Museo do Mar e da Pesca Artesanal

8.26 MILES

This charming marine and fishing museum is located in a whitewashed fisherman's shack up on stilts by the water's edge. Created by local marine…

8. Claudio Corallo Chocolate Factory

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Claudio Corallo is both an extraordinary person and a local institution. For over 40 years this native Italian has pursued an overriding passion for…