Pico de São Tomé

São Tomé

This impressive peak soars 2024m above the sea like a great green tooth bleeding mist. You can see it best from the EN-1 as you drive from Neves to Santa Catalina. Or you can reach the summit by making the country's signature climb, a two-day adventure with an overnight near the summit.

There are actually two routes, one from Roça Ponta Figo (or Ribordelo, which gets you closer to the peak) to Roça Bombaim, the other from Bom Sucesso to Ribordelo/Roça Ponta Figo. Expect a vertical jungle, with lots of fallen trees and vines, and various levels of forest. Like any jungle trek, conditions get markedly worse if it rains, so to avoid an unpleasant slog attempt this climb in the dry season, June to September, and bring boots that can handle mud. The climb is best arranged through either Navetur (www.navetur-equatour.st) or Mucumbli (www.mucumbli.wordpress.com). The price per person depends on the size of the group. Navetur charges €215 per person for two people, €120 per person for eight people. Parties are added together if desired and possible.

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The diminutive sibling of Cão Grande, this phonolite tower is best seen from Ilhėu das Rolas.

8. Museo do Mar e da Pesca Artesanal

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