Becker Park

Kaliningrad Region

Enjoy a picnic in this park that stretches along the headland above the beach in the centre of Yantarny. Enter from behind the Schloss Hotel.

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1. Kaliningrad Amber Plant

0.39 MILES

The Kaliningrad Amber Plant offers tours of its amber-processing facility, including a view of an amber mill, an observation deck and the chance to see an…

2. Herman Brachert House-Museum

8.79 MILES

This museum features the work of Herman Brachert (1890–1972), the sculptor whose work can be spotted all around Svetlogorsk; his bronze Nymph statue…

3. Model of Medieval Königsberg


This sandbox-sized model of early-16th-century Königsberg is well worth the 200m walk west of the Svetlogorsk Tourist Information Centre along ul Gorkogo…

4. Nymph Statue

10.13 MILES

Herman Brachert's 1938 bronze sculpture of a nymph adorns the seafront promenade. It's a curious work – as interesting from the back as it is from the…

5. Water Tower

10.16 MILES

The elaborate 25m-high water tower just off ul Lenina is the symbol of Svetlogorsk. The tower was designed in a vaguely art nouveau style by architect…

6. Sundial

10.28 MILES

On the promenade, this impressive sundial is decorated with an eye-catching mosaic of the zodiac.

7. Murrarium

22.7 MILES

Housed in an old brick water tower, the Murrarium features the largest private collection of cat-themed art in all of Russia, a feline-fixated country if…

8. Amalienau

23.78 MILES

Amalienau (to the city’s west along pr Mira) is Kaliningrad's most beautiful neighbourhood and offers visitors a glimpse of the city's prosperous pre-WWII…