Statue of Pushkin

St Petersburg

There is invariably a pigeon perched atop the statue of Pushkin, erected in 1957, which stands in the middle of tree-lined Arts Sq.

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1. Ploshchad Iskusstv

0.02 MILES

In the 1820s and 1830s, Carlo Rossi designed Ploshchad Iskusstv (Arts Square), named after the cluster of museums and concert halls that surrounds it, and…

2. Brodsky House-Museum

0.07 MILES

This is the former home of Isaak Brodsky, Repin’s favourite student and one of the favoured artists of the revolution (not to be confused with Joseph…

3. Russian Museum of Ethnography


This excellent museum displays the traditional crafts, customs and beliefs of more than 150 cultures that make up Russia’s fragile ethnic mosaic. It’s a…

4. Russian Museum

0.11 MILES

Focusing solely on Russian art, from ancient church icons to 20th-century paintings, the Russian Museum's collection is magnificent and can easily be…

5. Russian Museum (Benois Wing)

0.14 MILES

The Russian Museum's exhibitions of 20th-century works are held in this building's 1st floor, which is connected by stairs to the main collection in the…

6. Mikhailovsky Garden

0.15 MILES

Administered by the Russian Museum, these 8.7-hectare gardens are lovely and offer an impressive perspective of Mikhailovsky Castle. They are famous for…

7. Armenian Church of St Catherine

0.17 MILES

Continuing with a tradition of non-Orthodox churches being built on Nevsky pr, the Armenian merchant Ovanes Lazarian paid for the city’s first Armenian…

8. Former Town Duma


A landmark on the corner of Nevsky pr and Dumskaya ul is the clock tower of the former Town Duma (Town Parliament) which was the seat of the…