Valley of Roses

A highlight of Kurortny Park is this formal planting of roses. A long avenue of pines trees frame a huge ground design in the shape of a single rose – there's a viewing platform, but you'll get the best perspective by riding the cable car.

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1. Red Sun Hill

0.54 MILES

On a clear day, there are great panoramas of the yawning valleys and green plateaus of the pretty surrounding countryside from this 1065m viewpoint within…

2. Kurortny Park

0.55 MILES

Founded in 1823 and covering 1340 hectares, this hillside park is among the largest in Europe. It's riddled with walking trails past rivers, ponds,…

3. Cascade Stairs

0.61 MILES

These broad steps, planted with flower beds, lead up into Kurortny Park. The colonnade at the top provides a frame for vistas across central Kislovodsk.

4. Chaliapin Dacha Literary Museum

0.85 MILES

The legendary Fyodor Chaliapin (1873–1938) lived in this palatial wood and stained-glass villa in 1917. Now a museum, it features paintings and photos of…

5. Yaroshenko Museum

1.04 MILES

The highlight of this museum, which is based in three attractive wooden houses in lovely gardens, is the 'White Villa' (Belaya Villa), housing a small but…

6. Lermontov Monument

1.06 MILES

Near the Colonnade entrance to Kurortny Park is this multilevel monument to 19th-century writer Mikhail Lermontov. Caged in a grotto at ground level is an…

7. Colonnade


Marking the southern entrance to Kurortny Park is this broad white-washed colonnade. Next to it, when the weather is good, local artists and craftspeople…

8. Narzan Gallery


This graceful, well-preserved 1850s building recalls the spa town of Bath in England. Inside, the rich, carbonic Narzan Spring bubbles up inside a glass…