Ukrainian Orthodox Church


The Ukrainian Orthodox church was built in 1804 in baroque style with neoclassical influences.

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1. Jewish Community Centre


Next door to the Sephardic synagogue is this Jewish Community Centre, where you can also arrange to visit the town’s Jewish Cemetery.

2. Sephardic Synagogue


Sighet’s only remaining synagogue is north of Piaţa Libertăţii. It was built in the Moorish-Renaissance style in 1904. You can look around for free, but…

4. Elie Wiesel Memorial House

0.13 MILES

The late Jewish writer and 1986 Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel (1928–2016) was born in and later deported from this house on the corner of Str…

5. Maramureş Ethnographic Museum

0.14 MILES

One of three branches of the Maramureş Museum – the others are the Elie Wiesel Memorial House and the Village Museum – this ethnographic museum displays…

6. Monument to Holocaust Victims

0.26 MILES

This monument to the 38,000 Jews from Maramureş and surrounding areas slaughtered in WWII Nazi extermination camps was erected in 1947.