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Romania’s capital gets a bad rap, but in fact it's dynamic, energetic and fun. It’s where still-unreconstructed communism meets unbridled capitalism; where the soporific forces of the EU meet the passions of the Balkans. Many travellers give the city just a night or two before heading off to Transylvania, but that’s clearly not enough. Allow at least a few days to take in the good museums, stroll the parks and hang... Read More

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$2199 Small group tours

Budapest to Istanbul

From pastoral countryside to forbidding forests and fairytale villages, this tour from Budapest to Istanbul is definitely the road less travelled, but absolutely a worthy adventure to take. Over 13 days, you’ll explore the weathered architecture of Budapest, grand Ottoman palaces, “Dracula’s Castle” in Transylvania, and much more. With an intriguing combination of cultural colour and exploration, you'll come away with a real feel for this lesser-explored corner of Europe.

$1012.06 Small group tours

A 7 days Transylvania tour including a visit at Turda salt mine and Alba Iulia fortress

This is a spectacular and different tour in Transylvania, offering you the chance to visit the famous Turda salt mine, the fortress of Alba Iulia (where King Ferdinand and Queen Mary were crowned), and some of the most scenic mountain villages where the traditions still play an important role.

$186 Small group tours

2-Day Medieval Transylvania with Brasov and Sighisoara Private Tour from Bucharest

Discover medieval citadels, spectacular natural landscapes and traditions that endured over time in one of the most beautiful regions in the world, Transylvania. This 2-days private tour takes you through the Carpathian Mountains and shows you a legendary castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a German fortified city and a former European Capital of Culture. During the tour you will be acquainted with the traditions of Transylvania, its delicious cuisine and the German heritage that shaped the places on the way from the Middle Ages until today.

$207.88 Small group tours

2-Day Beauty of Romania Private Tour from Bucharest

Travel through the two historical regions of Wallachia and Transylvania to find well preserved medieval sites, romantic castles and the breathtaking beauty of the Carpathian Mountains while driving on the most scenic road in Romania. This 2-days private tour is the perfect way to experience some of the most spectacular natural landscapes and the most fascinating medieval places in Romania in a short amount of time.

$273.53 Small group tours

Green Way to Transylvania - 2 Day Hiking and Culture Private Tour

Hike the paths of Transylvania on this 2-day small group tour. Visit the Peles and Bran Castles and experience the beauty of the surrounding Mountains. Spend the night in Piatra Craiului National Park before hiking and arriving in the Transylvanian city of Brasov.

$1399 Small group tours

Halloween in Transylvania

Transylvania. The name itself is enough to send an icy chill down the spine of even the most fearless adventurer. Now imagine being there, in person, when the clock clangs midnight… on Halloween! At odds with its creeptacular reputation, Romania ranks as one of Europe’s most charming and underexplored regions, beguiling visitors with its stunning Gothic architecture, enveloping forests, and friendly people. But as idyllic as it is by day, the real fun happens at night – particularly Halloween, when we’ll treat you to a costume party in an authentic castle. Think you’re not afraid of the dark? You will be.