Cabana Poiana Izvoarelor

Prahova Valley

Hiking shelter.

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4. Bran Village Museum

7.17 MILES

Just east of Bran Castle, this museum displays original items found in the castle, with open-air displays of traditional architectural styles of the…

5. Foişorul Hunting Lodge

7.23 MILES

At the western end of the Peleş estate is the Swiss-châlet-style Foişorul Hunting Lodge, built as a temporary residence by King Carol I before Peleş…

6. Bran Castle

7.29 MILES

Rising above the town on a rocky promontory, Bran Castle holds visitors in thrall. An entire industry has sprouted around describing it as ‘Dracula’s…

7. Pelişor Palace

7.29 MILES

It’s hard to believe that Carol I’s nephew Ferdinand (1865–1927) could have been unsatisfied with lavish Peleş Castle; nonetheless, Pelişor Palace was…