Salt Mine

Mine in Székely Land

Believe it or not, boarding a bus that trundles down into a salt mine isn’t the most surreal part of visiting Salina Praid. Once inside, you’ll see ping pong tables, a kids’ climbing area, snack bars and a 3D cinema, all within its gritty walls. Resembling well-buffed marble, the salty floor is a playground for kids on scooters. Follow the exit signs to get to a more grown-up chamber (there's a bar).

Further along the tunnels you’ll meet a salty St Barbara before you reach the bus stop for return. Schedules for return bus times are posted at various points around the cave. Allow about 10 minutes to walk to the exit.

Locals come for extended underground treatments for bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses. Tourists tend to be content with a souvenir packet of bath salt.

The salt mine is north of Corund on the road to Sovata. Seven daily buses connect Praid with Sovata (4 lei, 20 minutes). There are plenty of paid car parks in Praid (usually 10 lei per day).