Bear Lake

Székely Land

The salty waters of Bear Lake are a popular place to soak in summer. People have been coming here for the lake’s restorative properties – some claim the water can cure ailments from arthritis to nervous disorders – since the 19th century. Some dub it 'Transylvania's Red Sea', though you won't be quite as buoyant in these caramel-coloured waters.

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1. Salt Mine

4.04 MILES

Believe it or not, boarding a bus that trundles down into a salt mine isn’t the most surreal part of visiting Salina Praid. Once inside, you’ll see ping…

2. Haáz Rezső Museum

22.67 MILES

This lacey-looking building, 1900-built Haberstumpf cottage, seems slightly lost, standing next to the roaring main road through town. But the gallery…

3. Franciscan Church

22.94 MILES

At the western end of main square Piaţa Primăriei stands a Franciscan monastery and church, completed in 1779.

4. Citadel

22.95 MILES

The crumbling walls of Odorheiu Secuiesc’s medieval citadel can be spied from Str Eötvös József.

5. Lăzarea Castle

23.41 MILES

Just 6km northwest of Gheorgheni on the road to Topliţa is the tiny village of Lăzarea (Gyergyószárhegy in Hungarian). The predominantly Hungarian village…

6. Chapel of Jesus

23.94 MILES

Some 2km south of town, a striking wooden gateway carved in filigree leads to the small, conical Jesus Chapel, encircled by a stone wall. Estimated to…

7. Complexul Weekend

24.57 MILES

In high summer when the mercury tops 40°C, this swimming complex, 2.5km north of the centre, is a welcome oasis. There's a couple of giant pools, a few…

8. City Museum

25.03 MILES

This small museum within the citadel has art and ornate period furniture downstairs, and contemporary ceramics and other cultural artefacts upstairs.