Takamaka Viewpoint

The East

North of St-Benoît the D53 strikes southwest, following the Rivière des Marsouins 15km upstream to end beside the Takamaka viewpoint. Be prepared to fall on your knees in awe: despite a small power plant near the viewpoint, the overwhelming impression is of a wild, virtually untouched valley, its vertical walls cloaked with impenetrable forests. Here and there the dense green is broken by a silver ribbon of cascading water.

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1. Grand Étang

1.37 MILES

Around 12km southwest of St-Benoît along the road towards Plaine-des-Palmistes is the 3km road to Grand Étang (Big Pond). This pretty picnic spot lies at…

2. Maison du Parc

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The headquarters of the Parc National de la Réunion are based here. There's an interesting exhibition section, with plenty of information (in English)…

3. Domaine des Tourelles


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4. Belvédère de l’Eden

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5. Forêt Ste-Marguerite


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7. Bassin La Paix & Bassin La Mer

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A blissful site is Bassin La Paix, in the Rivière des Roches valley, about 2.5km west from Bras-Panon (it's signposted). From the car park, a path quickly…

8. Bé Mahot

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