Bahía de Fosforescente

Nature Reserve in La Parguera

The once-glittering waters of Bahía de Fosforescente remain La Parguera’s biggest draw, but the environmental impact of boat tours and developments has dimmed the spectacular show. Still, it can be interesting for those who have never seen the phenomenon. Boats visit the Bahía Monsio José and Bahía La Parguera, east of town, both of which are reached via narrow canals through the mangrove forest. If you visit at night bioluminescent microorganisms in the water put on a surreal light show.

The ride on the Fondo de Cristal is the least expensive way to witness this glowing water in Puerto Rico. But if you're ecologically minded, skip this bay for a place where nonpolluting kayaks or electric boats are used exclusively (and tell motorized-boat operators why you’re saying no) or only come out here with an operator that uses kayaks.