Ponce & South Coast

La Parguera is one of the lucky towns in Puerto Rico to have benefited from a rejuvenation themed around making town centers more conducive to walking around. The malecón here is an ambitious development incorporating a waterfront walkway, plaza and a pedestrian-only street.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Ponce & South Coast attractions

1. Isla de Magueyes & Isla de Monos

0.32 MILES

About 20yd south of La Parguera's Town Dock is Magueyes Island, which is used as a marine science station. The island was formerly a zoo and is now…

2. Isla Mata la Gata & Isla Caracoles

1.15 MILES

These two mangrove cays lie less than half a mile offshore and are worth a visit. The sandy strands on the seaside are really the only places in La…

3. Bahía de Fosforescente

2.29 MILES

The once-glittering waters of Bahía de Fosforescente remain by far La Parguera’s biggest draw, but the environmental impact of boat tours and developments…

4. Laguna Cartagena

4.29 MILES

This lake, popular for fishing, abuts a tract of Refugio de Vida Silvestre Iris L. Alameda Martínez de Boquerón. It's accessed by a long straight track…

6. Casa Perichi

7.43 MILES

Situated on the San Germán main drag, this 1920s estate has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1986. Its eclectic architectural style,…

7. Casa Acosta y Flores

7.45 MILES

Built in 1917 in a crisscross of styles, this house to the east of San Germán's architecturally rich center exhibits elements of Creole, Victorian and art…

8. Museo de la Historia de San Germán

7.46 MILES

Recently spruced up, the town’s museum is one of the few historical buildings in San Germán where you can enter, look around and fully experience local…