La Piedra Escrita

Central Mountains

Some of the island’s best-preserved native petroglyphs are carved on a large rock in the middle of the Río Saliente just off Hwy 144, 3km east of Jayuya. The stone forms a natural bathing pool, and it has become a popular stop-off for curious (and overheating) travelers. There’s a small car park and cafe nearby.

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Nearby Central Mountains attractions

1. Hacienda San Pedro

0.55 MILES

San Pedro is a small working coffee farm with an attached museum and cafe/tasting room where you can get a fascinating insight into the coffee-making…

2. Museo del Cemí

1.06 MILES

In the same park as Casa Museo Canales, in Coabey, this is arguably Puerto Rico's oddest building. Designed by Río Piedras architect Efrén Badía Cabrera,…

3. Casa Museo Canales

1.09 MILES

In a small park in the barrio (neighborhood) of Coabey, this reconstructed 19th-century coffee finca (rural smallholding) nestles in the shadow of the…

4. Pitorico Rum Distillery

1.42 MILES

Forget Bacardi and even Don Q – in these lofty parts they have their very own artisan rum, which comes in delicious flavors such as passion fruit and…

5. Cerro de Punta


Rising to 4389ft, the summit of Cerro de Punta, Puerto Rico's highest mountain, lies in the western portion of the Reserva Forestal Toro Negro just off to…

6. Hacienda Pomarrosa

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Despite suffering considerable damage in Hurricane Maria, the Pomarrosa still provides one of the best opportunities in Puerto Rico to discover what…

7. Area Recreativa Doña Juana

6.37 MILES

This is an area of about 2 sq miles at the eastern end of the Reserva Forestal Toro Negro near the ranger station: this is where would-be adventurers…

8. Salto Collores Waterfall

7.25 MILES

An easy day trip from either San Juan or Ponce, this is one of the most accessible waterfalls in Puerto Rico. It's located in the backyard of a…