Casa Museo Canales

Central Mountains

In a small park in the barrio (neighborhood) of Coabey, this reconstructed 19th-century coffee finca (rural smallholding) nestles in the shadow of the surrounding mountains. Replete with interesting antiques, it belonged to Jayuya’s first mayor, Rosario Canales.

Rosario spawned two famous offspring. His son, Nemesio, is recognized as a great Puerto Rican poet, playwright and political activist who pushed for legal rights for women. Meanwhile his daughter, Blanca Canales Torresola, became a notorious figure in the Puerto Rican nationalist movement when she led an independence revolt against American-backed authorities in Jayuya in 1950.

Note that similar to its sister museum, the Museo del Cemí across the other side of the parking lot, hours are sporadic despite the officially posted opening times.