Playa Resaca

Beach in Culebra

A resaca is an undertow and a metaphor for a hangover, an allusion to the state of the water perhaps, or the way you will feel after climbing up and down 200m Monte Resaca to reach it. Not well maintained nor easy to find, the trail is a 40-minute hike that involves scrambling, but the reward is worth it – a gorgeous windswept beach you'll likely have to yourself. The beach lives up to its name and is unsafe for swimming.

The trailhead is not well marked. To get to it, take Hwy 250 east and turn north immediately after you pass the airport. Follow this road until it ends at a roundabout. Two paths begin here – follow the smaller one, marked with a huge rock and a sign indicating a turtle nesting zone.

Monte Resaca, the island’s highest point, is characterized by an ecologically unique boulder-strewn forest on its upper slopes that harbors rare types of flora and fauna (mainly lizards). It’s a tough (and sometimes prickly) climb. Bring lots of water and sturdy shoes.