Playa Zoni beach on a sunny day in Culebra, Puerto Rico.

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Playa Zoni

Top choice in Culebra

Head to the eastern end of the island and you’ll eventually run out of road at Playa Zoni. Many locals think this is a better beach than Flamenco and it's hard to argue. It's not quite as wide and curving, but it certainly is stunning in its own right with soft sand, turquoise waters and idyllic views of Cayo Norte, Isla Culebrita and even St Thomas on the horizon. Do as the locals do and bring a picnic cooler.

From the airport junction, it’s a straightforward 3-mile drive through rolling hills dotted with clapboard houses and holiday homes. There’s a paved parking lot next to the beach and a sign alerting you that endangered sea turtles nest on the beach. A short walk will guarantee you solitude amid the sands.

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