Igreja Dos Terceiros


At the southern end of Praça da República is the late-18th-century Igreja dos Terceiros, all heavy, gilded baroque but apart from the luminous azulejos (hand-painted tiles) portraying the life of St Francis.

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1. Azulejos


The north side of Praça da República is adorned with a series of striking azulejo (hand-painted tile) panels depicting scenes from regional life. The blue…

2. Museu Almeida Moreira

0.14 MILES

The 19th-century, azulejo-adorned Museu Almeida Moreira is housed in the former home of art critic and collector Francisco António Almeida Moreira,…

3. Casa da Rua Dom Duarte

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Traversing the historic centre, Rua Dom Duarte was originally the most direct path to the hilltop citadel. The narrow lane is flanked by many beautiful,…

4. Porta do Soar


The grandest route into the old town is through the Porta do Soar, a 15th-century gate set into a section of Afonso V’s town walls. Look for the shield…

5. Praça de Dom Duarte

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6. Adro da Sé

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Overlooked by a trio of impressive buildings – the Catedral, Paço de Três Escalões (home of the Museu Grão Vasco) and the Igreja da Misericórdia – the…

7. Igreja da Misericórdia

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Facing the cathedral is the 1775 Igreja da Misericórdia, whose white rococo exterior contrasts markedly with its rather dull neoclassical interior. A…

8. Catedral de Viseu

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Viseu’s cathedral is a striking hybrid of architectural styles. Originally built in the 13th century, it now has a 17th-century Mannerist facade and a…