Burel Factory

Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela

The burel factory originally opened in 1960 and employed 1000 people at its height (burel is a wool fabric similar to felt). After a decline in the industry it was forced to close in the noughties, but thanks to an injection of capital it has since started up again. You can now tour part of the factory and see the production process before buying products at the adjacent shop.

Tours are free but you'll need to reserve a spot by emailing factory@burelfactory.com.

Around 20 people churn out the most amazing products, from exquisite blankets to bags, knapsacks, shoes and homeware, incorporating the factory's original and very retro designs. And FYI: Microsoft helped make burel fashionable again when the software company used burel wall coverings to insulate its offices in Lisbon.