Moimenta has a lovely core of granite houses roofed in terracotta, plus a small baroque church – a rare dose of luxury in this austere corner of Portugal. The pretty 7km Calçada loop trail descends from town into the nearby river gorge, following sections of an old stone roadway across a remarkably well-preserved medieval bridge with a single impressive arch.

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Nearby Trás-os-Montes attractions

1. Dine

3.55 MILES

One of the prettiest, best-preserved villages in the western half of the park, Dine is home to a tiny archaeological museum, which documents the 1984 find…

2. Montesinho

10.81 MILES

Hidden at the end of the road in a narrow valley wedged between forbidding granite heights, this tiny village is one of the park’s best-preserved, thanks…


15.06 MILES

Bragança’s modest old cathedral started out in 1545 as the Igreja de São João Baptista, but moved up the ranks to become a cathedral in 1770 when the…

6. Centro de Fotografia Georges Dussaud

15.13 MILES

This small museum is worth a visit just to see the evocative black-and-white photos of everyday transmontana people taken in the 1980s by French…

7. Museu do Abade de Baçal

15.18 MILES

Set in a restored 18th-century bishop’s palace, this is one of Portugal’s best regional museums. Its diverse collections include local artefacts from the…

8. Igreja de São Vicente

15.24 MILES

Romanesque in origin but rebuilt in the 17th century, this church may have played host to a chapter in Portugal’s favourite (and grisliest) love story…