On the site of an Iron Age fort, the polygonal castle was built by the Moors in the 10th century, conquered by the Christians in 1249, then abandoned in the late 15th century. The walls and a couple of towers survive, as well as a cistern. Sweeping views of the surrounding area extend from the rock in its centre and ramparts.

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Nearby Aljezur attractions

1. Casa Museu Pintor José Cercas

0.11 MILES

This quaint house belonged to Portuguese painter José Cercas (1914–92) who left his home and belongings – a collection of furniture, artworks and personal…

2. Museu Antoniano

0.14 MILES

Housed in a former chapel built in the 17th century (which was destroyed in the 1755 earthquake), this museum devoted to St Anthony displays paintings,…

3. Museu de Arte Sacra


Built in the 16th century and damaged in the 1755 earthquake, the modest Igreja da Misericórdia church was reconstructed in the 18th century. Its small…

4. Museu Municipal


This small but likeable museum has three rooms. Downstairs is an archaeological collection displaying everything from Stone Age axes to a 16th-century…

5. Praia do Monte Clérigo

3.12 MILES

One of the emblematic beaches southwest of Aljezur (8.5km from town), Monte Clérigo is a deep strip of sand with a laid-back surfer vibe. Behind it is a…

6. Praia da Amoreira

3.27 MILES

On the northern side of the river mouth, backed by wild dunes, this sweeping beach is 9km northwest of Aljezur. You can also access the beach from the…

7. Praia da Arrifana

3.68 MILES

Embraced by cliffs, this seductive crescent-shaped cove 10km southwest of Aljezur has a small fishing harbour and an offshore pinnacle. It's wildly…

8. Ruinas da Fortaleza de Arrifana

4.05 MILES

A boardwalk leads through the remaining gate of this 1635-built fortress. Largely wiped out by the tsunami following the 1755 earthquake, the fortress was…