Modern, kid-oriented historical exhibition that uses both LEGO building blocks and virtual-reality technology to tell key stories of Poland's national history in a way that engages the senses.

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1. City Defence Walls

0.22 MILES

This small museum includes entry to both the Florian Gate and Barbican, among the few surviving remnants of the city's medieval defence walls. The Florian…

2. Grunwald Monument

0.24 MILES

This imposing monument celebrates the epic 1410 Battle of Grunwald, when a joint army of Poles and Lithuanians defeated the Teutonic Knights. This statue…

3. St Florian’s Church

0.24 MILES

This 12th-century church’s location was chosen by the oxen that carried the remains of St Florian from Rome. When the beasts would go no further, it was…

4. Barbican

0.25 MILES

The most intriguing remnant of Kraków's medieval fortifications, the Barbican is a powerful, circular bastion adorned with seven turrets. There are 130…

5. Celestat

0.25 MILES

Possibly the oddest branch of the Kraków Historical Museum, the permanent exhibition here tells the story of the Fowler Brotherhood of Kraków, a medieval…

6. Florian Gate

0.26 MILES

This attractive stone gateway is the only one of the city’s original eight gates that was not dismantled during the 19th-century modernisation. It was…

7. Planty Park


Tracing the path of the medieval city's moat, wrapping around the Old Town from Wawel Castle, the Planty Park is an everyday piece of people's lives in…

8. Czartoryski Museum

0.33 MILES

The Czartoryski boasts the city's richest art collection, including Leonardo Da Vinci's 15th-century masterpiece, Lady with an Ermine (1489–90). Other…