West of the town hall, opposite the post office, is an intriguing small fountain built in 1914. Bronze-cast frogs sit on its rim, admiring a statue of a violin-playing boy known as Janko Muzykant, Toruń's very own answer to the Pied Piper story. Legend has it that a witch once came to the town, but wasn't welcomed by the locals. In revenge she invoked a curse and the town was invaded by frogs.

The mayor offered a sackful of gold and his daughter to anyone who would rescue the town. A humble peasant boy then appeared and began to play his rustic fiddle. The frogs, enchanted by the melodies, followed him to the woods and the town was saved.

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1. Old Town Hall

0.02 MILES

The Old Town Hall dates from the 14th century and hasn’t changed much since, though some Renaissance additions lent an ornamental touch to the sober…

2. Statue of Copernicus

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The square at the Old Town Hall is furnished with a number of interesting items of statuary. A few steps from the town-hall entrance is a statue of…

3. House Under the Star

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4. Statue of Dog & Umbrella

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The Dog & Umbrella statue can be found on the Rynek. The dog is Filus who starred in a famous long-running Polish comic strip.

5. Bronze Donkey Statue

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6. House of Copernicus

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While it's not clear if Copernicus was actually born here, this branch of the Regional Museum is dedicated to the famed astronomer's life and works. More…

7. St Mary's Church

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8. Explorers' Museum

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This is usually the last subdivision of the Regional Museum on visitors’ mental itineraries, which is a shame as it tells an interesting story. It…