Ethnographic Museum


The thatched cottages in parkland to the north of the city centre aren’t relics from some former age, but belong to this undervisited museum of rural life. It's quite a surreal experience to wander the quiet lanes of barns and windmills, the bustle of the city centre all around a distant murmur.

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1. Explorers' Museum


This is usually the last subdivision of the Regional Museum on visitors’ mental itineraries, which is a shame as it tells an interesting story. It…

2. Statue of Dog & Umbrella

0.22 MILES

The Dog & Umbrella statue can be found on the Rynek. The dog is Filus who starred in a famous long-running Polish comic strip.

3. House Under the Star

0.26 MILES

The House Under the Star is a chunk of madly stuccoed architectural confectionery embellishing the Main Square. Inside you’ll discover an outpost of the…

4. St Mary's Church

0.26 MILES

Toruń’s third great Gothic structure in the Old Town (after the Town Hall and Cathedral) is St Mary’s Church, erected by the Franciscans at the end of the…

5. Old Town Hall

0.26 MILES

The Old Town Hall dates from the 14th century and hasn’t changed much since, though some Renaissance additions lent an ornamental touch to the sober…

6. Fountain

0.27 MILES

West of the town hall, opposite the post office, is an intriguing small fountain built in 1914. Bronze-cast frogs sit on its rim, admiring a statue of a…

7. Toruń Gingerbread Museum

0.27 MILES

Not to be confused with the commercial Gingerbread Museum across town, this branch of the Toruń Regional Museum is housed in a former gingerbread factory…

8. Statue of Copernicus

0.27 MILES

The square at the Old Town Hall is furnished with a number of interesting items of statuary. A few steps from the town-hall entrance is a statue of…