Green Gate


Długi Targ is flanked from the east by the Green Gate, marking the end of the Royal Way. It was built in the 1560s on the site of a medieval defensive gate and was supposed to be the residence of the kings. But they never stayed in what turned out to be a cold and uncomfortable lodge, preferring the houses nearby, particularly those opposite Artus Court.

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1. House Under the Angels

0.04 MILES

This palatial edifice is also known as the English House (Dom Angielski), after the nationality of the merchants who owned it in the 17th century when it…

2. Bread Gate

0.05 MILES

This gate was built around 1450 while the city was still under the Teutonic order, as shown by the original city coat of arms consisting of two crosses…

3. Długi Targ

0.07 MILES

Długi Targ was once the main city market and is now the major focus for visitors. Things have gotten a bit touristy here over the last decade (dubious…

4. Golden House

0.09 MILES

The 1618 Golden House, designed by Johan Voigt, has the richest facade in the city. In the friezes between storeys are 12 elaborately carved scenes…

5. Artus Court Museum

0.11 MILES

Rising in all its embellished grandeur behind the Neptune Fountain, the Artus Court is perhaps the single best-known house in Gdańsk. The court has been…

6. Neptune Fountain

0.11 MILES

According to legend, the Neptune Fountain, next to the Town Hall, once gushed forth with the trademark Gdańsk liqueur, Goldwasser. As the story goes, it…

7. Ulica Mariacka

0.12 MILES

The most atmospheric of all Gdańsk's streets and one of Poland’s most photogenic lanes is this length of cobbles between the waterfront St Mary’s Gate and…

8. Town Hall

0.13 MILES

Dominating Długi Targ, Gdańsk's impressive Gothic-Renaissance town hall boasts the city's highest tower at 81.5m. It is home to the Historical Museum of…