Diverse architecture within Nysa's vast market square suggests the extent of damage done in WWII. Only the southern side retains anything akin to its historical appearance, with restored houses dating from the 16th century. The detached building facing them, the 1604 Town Weighing House, retains fragments of 19th-century painting on a side wall. Just around the corner, on ul Bracka, are more historical houses and a 1701 copy of Rome's baroque Triton Fountain.

Just past the fountain is the twin-towered Church of SS Peter and Paul, built in 1727 for the Order of the Holy Sepulchre. It has one of Silesia’s best baroque interiors, complete with an opulent high altar, organ and trompe l’oeil wall paintings.

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Nearby Silesia attractions

1. Town Weighing House

0.03 MILES

This attractive civic building, built in 1604 to house Nysa's official weights and measures, is a survivor of both the Napoleonic and Red armies; it…

2. Cathedral of SS James and Agnes

0.09 MILES

Nysa’s mighty cathedral dominates the northern end of the Rynek with its imposing walls of time-soiled brick and a vast gabled roof – one of the steepest…

3. Ziębice Tower

0.12 MILES

This four-storey 14th-century brick tower is now freestanding, but once guarded a gate through the town walls. Note its unusual turrets and dragon…

4. Church of SS Peter and Paul

0.13 MILES

Built between 1720 and 1727 for the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, this church has one of Silesia’s best baroque interiors, complete with elaborate stucco…

5. St Hedwig's Bastion

0.19 MILES

The restored 17th-century St Hedwig’s Bastion once housed a Prussian garrison and French prisoners during the Franco-Prussian war of 1870. Beneath the…

6. Nysa Museum


Established in Nysa's grand 17th-century Bishops' Palace in 1897, this museum exhibits include local archaeology from prehistory to early modern times…

7. Wrocław Gate Tower

0.22 MILES

Originally guarding a gate to Nysa's city walls, the white-plastered Wrocław Tower was built in the 14th century and added to in the 17th.

8. Wrocław Gate Tower

14.29 MILES

Visitors can climb this impressive 30m tower, built into the town walls in the 14th century. Ask for the key at the adjacent kiosk, on ul Armii Krajowej.