Łódź (pronounced woodge) is a red-brick city that grew fabulously wealthy in the 19th century on the back of its massive textile industry, then went into decline after WWII. Since 2000 it has been gradually reinventing itself as a modern metropolis (it is Poland's third-largest city) and rebuilding its once-crumbling city centre.

The rejuvenation of ul Piotrkowska, the main pedestrian thoroughfare, and the creation of malls and business centres within the decaying husks of old industrial complexes has been followed by the construction of the impressive EC1 complex and the striking reconstruction of the main Łódź Fabryczna train station.

Łódź today is a city famous for its architecture (both historic and modern), its colourful street art, its Jewish heritage, its many fine museums and art galleries and its swinging, affordable nightlife. It is also the centre of Poland's film industry.

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