Archaeological Reserve

Historic Site in Biskupin

The Iron Age town is situated within the Archaeological Reserve. You can either wander through the grounds on your own or organise an English-speaking guide in advance for 150zł. The ticket office sells publications about the site in English.

Once past the gate, follow the path to the museum, which presents finds excavated on and around the island, together with background information. There’s also a model of the town as it once looked.

The Iron Age town lies further along, on the peninsula in the northern end of the park. The gateway, a fragment of the defensive wall and two rows of houses have been reconstructed to give some idea of what the town once looked like. The interiors of a few houses have been fitted out as they may have been 2700 years ago. Within the thatched structures you’ll find various stalls selling handcrafted arrows, jewellery and replica coins, and a man in period garb giving hatchet-throwing demonstrations out front.