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Port Barton

Essentially a two-road town where the jungle drops precipitously into the bay, Port Barton offers simple pleasures. It’s the kind of place where, after just a few strolls down the beach, you don’t want to share the tranquillity with outsiders. Several islands with good beaches and snorkeling lurk offshore surrounded by rows and rows of buoys, the sign of working pearl farms.

Chilled out as it is, Port Barton is quickly becoming a drawcard on the backpacker trail, complete with funky hostels, hipster cafes and reggae bars staffed by hunky island boys. In the high season, you'll want to book ahead. Port Barton is a barangay of San Vicente, but they aren't particularly close to each other – two hours by road or 45 minutes by boat. Be aware of this when booking online, and know where you're going, to avoid a costly backtrack.

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