Baluarte de San Gabriel


Intramuros defensive embankment in a strategic location on the Pasig River, built in 1593.

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1. Puerta de Isabel II

0.06 MILES

This north entrance to Intramuros was the last gate built by the Spanish, in 1863.

3. Revellin del Parian

0.14 MILES

This triangular defensive fortification was built to help protect Intramuros after a Chinese uprising in 1603. Parian were the ghetto-like districts where…

4. Metropolitan Theater

0.22 MILES

This stunning piece of art deco opened as the city’s premier opera theatre under the Americans in 1931. Today it’s in a state of utter disrepair, but…

5. Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch

0.23 MILES

Ornate arch marking the entrance to Chinatown when coming over the Jones Bridge. Do not confuse it with the gargantuan new (2015) Chinatown Arch, which is…

6. Calvo Museum

0.23 MILES

In the historic, beaux-arts Calvo Building (1938), this little museum houses a treasure trove of pre-WWII photographs and memorabilia. Of particular…

7. Bahay Tsinoy

0.24 MILES

The vast Bahay Tsinoy museum showcases the important role played by the sangley, as the Spanish called the Chinese, in the growth of Manila (sangley means…

8. Ayuntamiento

0.27 MILES

Once the grandest building in all of Intramuros, the Ayuntamiento was destroyed in WWII and spent years as a parking lot before a faithful recreation of…