Miniloc Island

Island in Bacuit Archipelago

Image by John Seaton Callahan Getty Images

Miniloc Island is perhaps the most interesting of the archipelago's islands. The main attractions are Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon and Secret Lagoon, three of the more photographed sights in all of Palawan. Big Lagoon is entered by an extremely shallow channel (you may have to swim into the lagoon and leave the boat outside). Inside, surrounded by jungle-clad karst walls, is an enormous natural swimming hole.

To enter Small Lagoon, you can swim through a hole in a rock wall or paddle through in a kayak at low tide – be sure to leave before the tide changes; otherwise you might not be able to squeeze back through. Inside is a wonderful hidden world, complete with a small cave that you can explore. To reach diminutive Secret Lagoon, you must scramble or swim through, depending on the tide.

Kayak rental is available at both Big Lagoon and Small Lagoon.