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Intermarriage with Aymara-speaking indigenous people has seen the demise of the original Uros, who nowadays all speak Aymara. Always a small group, the Uros began their unusual floating existence centuries ago in an effort to isolate themselves from the aggressive Collas and Incas.The popularity of the islands has led to aggressive commercialization in some cases. The most traditional reed islands are located further from Puno through a maze of small channels, only visited by private boat. Islanders there continue to live in a relatively traditional fashion and prefer not to be photographed.

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4-Day Home-Stay and Cultural Experience On Lake Ti

ItineraryDay 1: On the way to PunoStop At: Catedral de Puno, Puno, Puno RegionIn the morning, we will pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at the Bus station.This is a really nice bus trip that is more like a tour as it stops at four interesting sites along the way. Where you have guided tour and lunch at a restaurant. Places we will visit are:Andahuaylillas: Sistine chapel of South America: this church is one of the most beautiful examples of Andean popular religious art. (It leaves at 7.30am and arrives at about 5pm.)Raqchi (Wiracocha God Temple): This was an Incan church of monumental dimensions; 100 meters long, 26 meters wide and 14 meters high. The temple is divided in two naves and each nave shows 11 giant columns that’s huge!La Raya: This is the half-way point between Cusco and Puno and also the highest point (4335 meters above sea level). The landscapes here are stunning and typical Andean animals like llamas, alpacas and vicuñas are common. It is also the geographic border between two cultures, the Quechua and Aymara.Pukara: This is the most important and oldest ceremonial center of the altiplano. There are interesting life like sculptures and tombs. The trip also includes a really nice lunch buffet in a Sicuani town.Duration: 8 hoursMeals included: • LunchAccommodation included: Overnight at 3 start hotelDay 2: Floating Uros and Taquile Islands.Stop At: Taquile Island, Puno, Puno RegionThis tour starts at 7:00 a.m. with transfer from your hotel to the port. Then, in a fast motor boat (7:30 a.m.), this will make this a pleasant trip (35 feet long with a covered section in case of rain or cold weather, comfortable bus seats and fully equipped, toilet). The floating UROS islands are located within the bay of Lake Titicaca only 14 km away. far from the city (20 minutes of navigation). The towns of the Uros were simple fishermen and hunters of birds and preferred to remain isolated of the most advanced civilizations. Your search for isolation may be one of the reasons why you decided to live in mobile homes on the lake. When the Spanish chroniclers encountered the Uros at the end of the 16th century, the people of UROS still lived in the lake in small boats of reeds that they used as floating houses. Only in the early 1960s, the Uros began to build small artificial islands with reeds for their homes. We visit the Uros Islands. Stamping them looks a lot like a water bed (but it's pretty safe). We see the houses, the islands and we know their friendly inhabitants. The people of Uros are descendants of one of the oldest South American groups. Traditional boat rides with local fishermen can be organized. Visit two of the 30 islands, then share an intercultural activity with the locals, see their houses and learn about the construction of the floating cane islands. Then continue to the island of Taquile.TAQUILE: We received an hour and a half from the island of Taquile while we received lectures on the origins of the Inca culture, Quechua language lessons and more. Upon arrival, we will have the possibility to enjoy the spectacular views offered by Lake Titicaca, reach this unique place, by the southern part of the island (09.45 a.m.), the least visited area of the Island of Taquile. Have at least 4 hours to explore this paradise, enjoy a pristine sandy beach. And walk for 1 hour on a pre-Inca trail (gentle and gradual walk) with breathtaking landscapes, while learning about the flora and fauna of the island. Lunch at local restaurant. The members of the community will show us their dances, textiles and unique cultural expressions. The island of Taquile is the home of an authentic community that preserves the Inca laws and the social system. But due to inadequate management of tourism is affected and this trip helps to encourage the life of the community. Later, at approximately 1.50 pm. We will walk towards the main port. At 2.30 p.m. We will leave to return to Puno, we will arrive at 4:00 p.m. and then we will move to the hotel.Duration: 10 hoursNo meals included on this day.Accommodation included: Overnight at 3 stars hotelDay 3: Transfer outStop At: Catedral de Puno, Puno, Puno RegionAfter breakfast, we will take you either to Juliaca (airport) or Cusco.Option 1: Transfer to Juliaca airport located only 45 minutes away from Puno.Option 2: Transfer to the bus station in Puno for your back to Cusco.Duration: 2 hoursNo meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.

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