Llama Terraces


Discovered only in 2002 by archaeologist Percy Paz, these steep terraces on the backside of the ruins feature unique stonework resembling that found in the northern Peru ruins of Chachapoyas. The incredible stonework, unique to this site, features 22 white llamas in cascading order, followed at the bottom by the figure of a single herder. They also have a potential astronomical significance.

Access is via the back of the lower plaza. Take extra caution walking here, it's a steep 20-minute descent to the viewpoint.

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Nearby Choquequirao attractions

1. Usnu

0.08 MILES

This huge leveled platform was likely a ceremonial center. Enjoy the spectacular 360-degree views of the Vilcabamba range from here.

2. Lower Plaza

0.17 MILES

The first area of the ruins you approach coming from the campground, these include the great terraces, topped by a plaza area that leads to a Hall of…

3. Upper Plaza

0.19 MILES

On the truncated peak, follow the water channel up from the lower plaza to these ruins that include a niche house and carved upper fountain.

4. Ridge Group


A residential area with inferior building quality where the lower classes may have lived.

5. House of the Priests

0.21 MILES

While no one is sure about the use of these two walled-off buildings, their excellent structure and dominating location, off to one side of the usnu,…

6. Parque Arqueológico Choquequirao

0.24 MILES

Translating as 'Cradle of Gold,' this remote Incan site (3050m) in the Vilcabamba mountain range over the Apurimac canyon bears a strong resemblance to…

7. Eastern Terraces

0.48 MILES

Visible as you approach the ruins from Marampata, these steep terraces are only partially excavated. They are worth exploring for a closer look at the…

8. Saihuite

12.07 MILES

The Inca site of Saihuite, 45km east of Abancay, has a sizable, intricately carved boulder called the Stone of Saihuite, which is similar to the famous…