Must see attractions in Choquequirao

  • L
    Llama Terraces

    Discovered only in 2002 by archaeologist Percy Paz, these steep terraces on the backside of the ruins feature unique stonework resembling that found in…

  • L
    Lower Plaza

    The first area of the ruins you approach coming from the campground, these include the great terraces, topped by a plaza area that leads to a Hall of…

  • H
    House of the Priests

    While no one is sure about the use of these two walled-off buildings, their excellent structure and dominating location, off to one side of the usnu,…

  • E
    Eastern Terraces

    Visible as you approach the ruins from Marampata, these steep terraces are only partially excavated. They are worth exploring for a closer look at the…

  • U

    This huge leveled platform was likely a ceremonial center. Enjoy the spectacular 360-degree views of the Vilcabamba range from here.

  • U
    Upper Plaza

    On the truncated peak, follow the water channel up from the lower plaza to these ruins that include a niche house and carved upper fountain.

  • R
    Ridge Group

    A residential area with inferior building quality where the lower classes may have lived.