The Inca Trail

Towards the end of the Inca Trail, you'll reach the beautiful, well-restored ruin of Phuyupatamarka (Place Above the Clouds), about 3570m (11,712ft) above sea level, which contains a stunning series of ceremonial baths with water running through them. A ridge here also offers camping – while it's a fabulous spot to watch the sun set, it's also the place where keen trekkers leave at 3am in a race to reach the Sun Gate in time for sunrise.

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1. Wiñay Wayna

0.92 MILES

An exquisite little Inca site along the Inca Trail; it's name is variously translated as ‘Forever Young,’ ‘To Plant the Earth Young’ and ‘Growing Young’ …

2. Inca Tunnel

1.07 MILES

The Inca Trail leads across an Inca causeway and up a gentle climb through some beautiful cloud forest and this Inca tunnel carved from the rock.

3. Intipata

1.51 MILES

A spectacular terraced ruin along the Inca Trail, best visited on the day you arrive to Wiñay Wayna: consider coordinating it with your guide if you are…

4. Sayaqmarka

1.65 MILES

The Inca Trail descends to the ruin of Sayaqmarka, a tightly constructed complex perched on a small mountain spur, which offers incredible views.

5. Intipunku


The Inca Trail ends after its final descent from the notch in the horizon called Intipunku (Sun Gate). Looking at the hill behind you as you enter the…

6. Runkurakay

2.77 MILES

Beyond Paq’amayo on the Inca Trail, at an altitude of about 3600m, the trail crosses the river over a small footbridge and climbs toward Runkurakay; at…

8. Inca Drawbridge

2.87 MILES

A scenic but level walk from the Hut of the Caretaker takes you right past the top of the terraces and out along a narrow, cliff-clinging trail to the…