Península de Azuero

Cherished as Panama's cultural heart and soul, the Península de Azuero is a farming and ranching hub. The area's rolling hills are matched by a long and lovely coastline. Over time the peninsula has seen stark transformations – from verdant rainforest to cattle country, from indigenous land to Spanish stronghold and, finally, from a quiet town to surf central and one of Panama’s travel hot spots.

The passage of time here is a countdown to the next festival, be it Carnaval, La Mejorana or Corpus Christi. Costumes range from swirling devils and dragons to curtsying reinas (queens) in traditional lace finery. Joining the throngs for these celebrations is a first-rate introduction to Panama.

Península de Azuero consists of three provinces: Herrera, Los Santos and a slice of Veraguas.