Museo de Herrera Fabio Rodriquez

Península de Azuero

This small museum, housed in a lovely two-story colonial building, contains many well-preserved pieces of pottery dating from 5000 BC until the Spanish conquest; some of it was found at excavation sites outside Parita. There are also replicas of huacas (golden objects placed with indigenous peoples at the time of burial) found on the peninsula – the originals are in the Smithsonian in Washington DC – as well as a recreated chieftain's tomb from the 1st century BC.

The 1st floor is given over to natural history (don't miss the giant sloth). On the 2nd floor you’ll find some excellent folkloric costumes, including an ornate pollera (Panama's national dress) and devil masks. The collection includes many religious artifacts too, including the original bell of Chitré’s cathedral, which was cast in 1767. Signs are in Spanish only.

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