Must see attractions in Darién Province

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    Reserva Natural Punta Patiño

    On the southern shore of the Golfo de San Miguel, this 263-sq-km wildlife reserve is owned by the private conservation group ANCON. It contains species…

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    Río Sambú

    Traveling the wide and very brown Sambú River is a memorable experience: you'll glide past spectacular mangroves – five of the world's seven known species…

  • P

    Puerto Indio

    From Sambú, visitors can cross the Río Sábalo Bridge to the twin village of Puerto Indio (with permission from the Emberá and Wounaan) and visit…

  • W


    This waterfall and its crystal-clear pool is a welcome relief after a hot and sweaty climb to spot harpy eagles.

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    Fuerte San Lorenzo

    Just across the Golfo de San Miguel on Isla El Encanto are the ruins of the Fort of St Lawrence slowing being consumed by the jungle. There's not much…

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    Fuerte de San Gerónimo

    Yaviza's only real 'sight' (apart from the wobbly footbridge spanning the Río Chucunaque), the ruined Fort of St Geronimo, built by the Spanish to keep…

  • B


    This Emberá village south of Sambú is worth visiting. Get here by public bus (US$1), which runs along the paved road leading south from town between 6am…

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    Cerro Pirre

    One of the tallest peaks in Parque Nacional Darién, Pirre has a ranger station and a lodge where you can spend the night.

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    This wobbly suspension footbridge over the Río Chucunaque links Yaviza proper with the 'suburb' of Puerto Nuevo.

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    Río Sábalo Bridge

    Cross the Río Sábalo bridge to reach Sambú's twin indigenous village of Puerto Indio.