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For most travelers, the archipelago is Bocas del Toro. Caribbean clichés aside, there’s no shortage of postcard-pretty beaches, emerald waters and swaying palms, and scads of things to see and do

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Polo's Paradise Madness Day Tour

After meeting your guide in late morning, head out to a tropical fruit farm where you will see, smell and taste some of the rarest fruits known to mankind. After this amazing experience you will continue the trail over farmland, valleys and witness stunning views of Bastimentos. Sit down on Gabriellito Hill and have a little fruit snack while enjoying the view of the Caribbean Sea. Along the way your guide will explain about the island life, and wildlife before arriving at Polo Beach.Polo Beach is inhabited by one person, Polo. Although the stories vary, Polo has been living on the beach for about 50 years and lives off of the jungle. If you are lucky, Polo will cook one of his amazing dishes (for a small fee, not included). Freshly-made sandwiches will make sure you do not get hungry after this strenuous hike.For approximately 3-hours you will have the freedom to snorkel around the reef right in front of the beach, walk along one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, hang out with Polo, discover more of the jungle, or simply lay down and enjoy the day.After this wonderful experience, head to Red Frog Beach to take a boat back to Old Bank. If you are feeling hungry, have dinner at the Sea Monkey restaurant, they offer a variety of amazing dishes.

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Bocas del Toro Catamaran Sailing Day Trip

After pickup at the dock in Boteros de Bastimentos, board your catamaran for a 7-hour guided tour. You will sail slowly while experiencing the tranquil vibe that makes Bocas del Toro so special. Cruise through the mangroves to observe dolphins and anchor at two largely unexplored but abundant coral reefs.Your first stop is in Dolphin Bay, where you will have the opportunity to observe wild bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat. At each snorkeling  stop, don your gear and explore a colorful reef full of sea sponges, sea anemones, and a variety of starfish (sea stars) with your guide.After a lunch break, continue toward Isla Solarte (Solarte Island, aka Nancy's Cay) and snorkel at another spectacular reef teeming with colorful fish and large coral heads. Finish with the return trip back to port.

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Full-Day Speedboat Tour from Bocas Town: Explore 5 Locales

The full-day speedboat tour will start at 9:30am from Boteros de Bastimentos dock in Bocas Town.The first destination will be Dolphin Bay where you will be able to enjoy watching the dolphins in their natural habitat. The dolphins of Bocas del Toro seem to have a special predilection for the bay locally known as Laguna Bocatorito (Dolphin Bay), which is about 12 km south of Bocas Town (about 15 - 20 minutes by boat). This bay is bordered by the east side of Cristobal Island and an odd-shaped peninsula from the mainland. A labyrinth of shallow channels formed by mangroves screens its northern entrance, helping to make it a kind of giant natural aquarium, six kilometers across at its widest. Next, you will head to Coral Cay where you will be able to enjoy a typical Caribbean-style lunch and snorkel the world famous Garden Reef. The sea here is calm year-round, which makes it suitable for snorkelers of all ages, and the abundance of tropical fish, coral heads and colorful sponges will keep experienced divers entertained as well. On the typical Caribbean day with lots of sunshine and light blue skies, the waters of Coral Cay are of luminous emerald green and make the perfect holiday postcards. There are four restaurants on this cay built on stilts over the water, so most visitors will order some fresh sea food before heading out to snorkel  a delicious meal will be awaiting for them once you're back. The food is simple but fresh and flavorful. Once you are done with lunch, you will head to Zapatilla Cays. These pristine islands fall under the protection of the Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park because they are the nesting grounds for the Hawksbill sea turtles, the Zapatillas Cays are two stunning islands that emerge from a coral platform and are surrounded by tropical coral reef. About a 30 minute boat ride from Coral Cay (roughly 8 kms), the Zapatillas Islands are generally considered the most beautiful islands of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago and offer visitors pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and some of Panama's most attractive coral reefs. Sloth Island is where you will be able to enjoy watching the Sloth in their natural habitat. You will then head to Hollywood Beach where you will find the biggest selection of multicolored Starfish that Bocas del Toro has to offer. You'll return to Bocas Town to conclude your tour around 4:30pm.

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Diving in Bocas del Toro

The boats take out divers 2 times a day 365 days a year. The morning dive starts at 9am and the afternoon dive at 2pm. All of you must be ready for departure 10 minutes before the dive starts. The Fun Dive package is for certified divers of all levels and it includes the following:-- Complete scuba gear, the brand of our gear is ScubaPro and all of our gears is being maintained on a regular basis by a Scuba Pro certified technician - Fruits and water on board after each dive

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Two Tank Dive in Bocas del Toro

This tour is offered twice a day. The morning dive goes out at 9am and the evening dive goes out at 2pm. We all need to be ready 10 minutes before the boat goes out for the dive.The dive includes complete scuba gear, fruits and water on board after each dive and professional dive masters who will give you all the instructions needed.

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Panama Experience

From San José, hit the beach and mountain retreats on your way to the locks of the world-famous Panama Canal at the centre of the Americas. Visit gorgeous islands and chill to reggae beats on Caribbean beaches. Search for the quetzal bird in cloud forests and shake your tailfeather in the clubs of Panama City. With your hotel and transport arranged by our CEOs, you can concentrate on choosing your own adventure.