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Chiriquí Province

Chiriquí claims to have it all: Panama’s tallest mountains, longest rivers and most fertile valleys. The province is also home to spectacular highland rainforests and the most productive agricultural and cattle-ranching regions in the country. As a result, los chiricanos (natives of Chiriquí) take particular pride in their province and wave the provincial flag – in every sense – at the slightest opportunity.

It's also a land of immense beauty. On the coast, the pristine Golfo de Chiriquí boasts long sandy beaches and a rich diversity of marine life. The mist-covered mountains near the town of Boquete, a favorite of North American and European retirees, is a good base for adventures such as white-water rafting and hiking the flanks of Panama’s highest point, Volcán Barú (11398ft/3474m). Boquete is also the center of Panama’s coffee industry, which means that a potent cup of shade-grown arabica is never more than a cafe away.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Chiriquí Province.